Grass Seed

Amenity Grasses

Our amenity grass seed range has been developed over the years to provide the professional landscaper, and the DIY gardener alike the assurance of reliable results every time.

Mixture choice is important as a first step to achieving the required results, and we are happy to grass-seedoffer the advice you need in respect of mixture selection, seed bed preparation, seeding and aftercare. If you have a large project to undertake, we can offer recommendations for competent landscape contractors to quote for the work for you.

Wildflower Seeds

Wildflower seeds are popular, but a very specialist subject. To achieve good results, considerable care is required, firstly in the selection of the species required, having regard to the surrounding environment and soil type, followed by the establishment of the seed, and finally, and probably most importantly, the regime of aftercare once the area is established. However, fantastic results can be obtained, and whether you are looking to seed a few square metres of your back garden, or to establish a traditional meadow covering several acres, we have the expertise and seed that you require.

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Agricultural Grass Leys and Cover Crops

Our range of standard mixtures cover most requirements for ley establishment and renovation, and is available from stock. The range is augmented by a bespoke mixing service, enabling all individual requirements to be catered for.

We also offer a comprehensive range of cover crops which are available from stock for collection or prompt delivery.

Environmental Grass Seed solutions

With the increasing emphasis on environmental stewardship, we offer a full range of seed mixtures which comply with all the current statutory schemes.

These currently include Buffer Strip mixtures, Nectar Rich and Wild Bird seed mixtures, for both Entry Level and Higher Level Stewardship Schemes.

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